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As a kid, I always dreamed about becoming an author, but I wasn't very good at the whole sitting down and writing thing. I liked being on the move—climbing trees, picking flowers, walking in the woods, sledding in the snow. I did love books, when I could sit still long enough to read them. (It helped that you could read a little at a time, then come back later for more.) Some of my childhood favorites were The Secret Garden and The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry, The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander, and The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper.


Me in the Philippines
(Why am I holding a hammer?!)

I grew up all over the world since my dad was in the military and my family moved every couple of years. Homes, schools, classmates, and friends came and went, but books were a constant in my life. I had a small collection that I'd pack over and over again, and they'd follow me wherever the winds happened to blow us. I still have most of those books today.

Eventually my family settled in California, my dad's home state, where I went to high school and received a degree in English from the University of California, Davis.

I still didn't do much writing, except for school assignments and term papers, which I actually enjoyed very much.

When I finished school, I worked as an editorial assistant for a small publishing house and later as a technical writer for a huge software conglomerate (where I did a ton of writing, but all along the lines of users' manuals and instruction guides). Eventually, I went back to school to get a paralegal degree so I could work in the legal field.

Here's where the writing comes in.  One day I was reading a book about fairy tales, and an idea popped into my head for a fractured fairy tale about a headstrong young princess locked in a white tower guarded by a not-so-ferocious dragon, and the handsome prince who threatened to be the downfall of them both.

Dad and me in Greece

Mom and me at Knossos in Crete

That idea became Ivy's Ever After.  Yes, not only did I sit still long enough to write an entire book, but I had a lot of fun doing it!  The sequel, Ivy and the Meanstalk, followed shortly after. I hope you enjoy sharing adventures with Ivy and Elridge as much as I did.

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