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Ivy's Ever After

A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year, 2011

* "This is a fun and entertaining fairy-tale based fantasy with a nice balance of character development and action." –School Library Journal (starred review)

"Tween[s] will find plenty to enjoy here, from Ivy's tender friendship with an amusingly timid dragon to her often gutsy and always daring escapes." –The Bulletin

"The Reluctant Dragon meets Ella Enchanted. . . . This fractured fairy tale will delight tween readers." –Kirkus Reviews

The kingdom of Ardendale has always locked its princesses in a white tower guarded by a dragon. It's the only way to lure gallant young princes to the tiny, out-of-the-way kingdom to marry them. But Ivy is a princess who doesn't care to be rescued, and Elridge a dragon afraid of being slain. Neither wants anything to do with Romil, a scheming prince from the frozen North who has his own less than romantic reasons for wanting Ivy's hand in marriage. Never mind that humans and dragons have loathed each other for centuries, it isn't long before this feisty princess and rather undragonly dragon have fled the tower and set off on a perilous journey to find Ivy's long-lost fairy godmother, the only one who might help them escape the not-so-fairy-tale fates that await them. Full of humor and high adventure, Ivy's Ever After is a twist on the typical princess-needs-rescuing-from-a-dragon storyline so common in traditional tales, featuring a princess and a dragon who team up to thwart the handsome prince.

Ivy and the Meanstalk

Available October 2011

"Delightful and humorous. . . . Lairamore's well-developed characters are excellent riffs on fairy-tale traditions."
–School Library Journal

"Breezy and entertaining, with more than a few clever folkloric twists." –Kirkus Reviews

After finding her long-lost fairy godmother, escaping a forthcoming marriage, and saving her kingdom from the dastardly designs of a scheming prince, Princess Ivy wants nothing more than to have a little fun and enjoy the company of her new dragon friend, Elridge. But long ago a magical harp went missing, snatched by a thieving youth named Jack. Its rightful owner wants it back—or the entire kingdom will suffer an unspeakable fate! So Ivy and Elridge are off on another fairy-tale-inspired adventure, one that will take them across the sea, into the fiery depths of a magnificent golden kingdom, and high into the clouds, where an enormous castle looms at the top of a giant bean—that is, meanstalk. Will they find the harp in time?